Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The sentence “we need to write something” or some similar sentiment is something we have said every day since this blog went live on Jan 26th.

There are so many reasons not to write: real life, commitments, other projects, no ideas, writer’s block...video games...

Our reason to not-write is a little different. Our reason is research. And planning.

The first documents for Team Stripey Socks actually started in July, after months of brainstorming. Seven months of earnest planning amounted to a five thousand word development document, a seven-page checklist, Pinterest boards, near-daily Gchat sessions, and many, many texts.

What didn’t happen during that time?

A single post.

Writing about not-writing is a cop out, but this is writing about writing things that are not the thing to write. We have topic lists, half-started posts and endless research. To break the inertia, we will begin with a brief overview of some of the awesome to come:

  • First Impressions posts for Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who
  • A practical guide to speed dating at Conventions
  • A Doctor Who-themed food review
  • The first post in a series on Cosplay

In short, some writing!