Thursday, April 24, 2014

On Doctors and Dissertations

Ways that writing a dissertation is like knitting a Tom Baker scarf:

- It usually starts out of a misguided sense of enthusiasm.

- You really have no idea just how huge a project it is until you start...and then it can be staggeringly overwhelming.

- There are so, so, SO many parts.

- The process of putting it together takes forever and can often be incredibly tedious (not to mention shockingly expensive).

- You get a lot of blank stares when you try to explain what you're doing.

- You spend a lot of time hoping no one will notice all the little mistakes that happened midway which would be too problematic and incredibly involved to go back and fix.

- You wind up with an overly long and mostly impractical final product that no one but you and a select few will ever care about.

...and, of course, there's something about pretending to be a Doctor.